Delta Hotel Wins Multiple Awards




Myrna Hill, The Ashland Beacon

   Since its opening in 2019, the Delta hotel in downtown Ashland has been a pillar for corporate and social life alike in the area. The former Ashland Plaza hotel was given new life, now boasting two bars, a restaurant, and other amenities within the 152-room hotel. Their work toward bringing a luxe hotel experience to Ashland has paid off, earning them multiple awards in hospitality and service.

   Jackie Hymel, the General Manager of the Delta, was selected as the General Manager of the Year at the inaugural Delta Conference that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hymel was chosen out of 100 Delta hotels across the United States and Canada. Hymel has been the General Manager of the hotel since its opening in 2018.

   Hymel said she was beyond humbled when she was recognized out of all the Delta hotels across the country. She said it is a true testament to all the hard work the hotel staff puts in every day to bring a quality experience to its guests. 

   “Although I was surprised, I also am aware of the success we have accomplished. It felt awkward for me to be recognized,” Hymel said. “I would not be successful without the team that we have. Many associates put their heart into this place every day.

   In order to be considered for the award, there are many requirements the General Manager and hotel must meet, including exceeding budget, guest services scores being above brand average, Marriott quality inspection scores being above brand average, being involved in the community, and other stipulations.

   The awards don’t stop there for the Delta. The hotel was also recognized in categories like Guest Service Scores, where they maintained above brand average, scored a perfect 100 percent in the Marriott Quality Assurance Award, and the Barry Kraselsky CARES Award, which recognized the hotel’s monthly community service projects.

   We still are not done with the list of awards given to the Ashland Delta. The most notable award won was Hotel of the Year, which was awarded at the LBA Hospitality Annual Conference. LBA Hospitality is the managing company for the hotel.

   The Delta Hotel has transformed the professional and social landscape of the downtown area. It holds more than 4,000 square feet of banquet and conference space, allowing ample space for conferences, weddings, parties, and other events. 

   “We work very hard to provide the highest quality service to the people of Ashland,” Hymel said. “Winning Hotel of the Year after being open less than three years is such a humbling experience, especially considering so many other properties and located in major destination cities.”

   Hymel also shared her goals for the hotel, which included to help make the hotel the success the owners hoped for when they decided to invest in Ashland.

   The Winchester restaurant, Guitar Bar, and event spaces within the hotel are busy with professional conferences, local musicians, and other patrons on a regular basis, so it is safe to say Jackie Hymel has accomplished her goal of making the hotel a success.