Freshly ‘Groomed’: Where Nostalgia and Pampering Combine



Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon 

   Where does a man go to feel pampered? We discovered a new place that might strike your fancy. Groomed is exactly the salon that you're looking to frequent. BJ Burcham, the owner of Identity Salons & Spas, has two locations. The original location will celebrate 20 years in business next April, the second location is within the campus of KDMC, and now they are adding Groomed: The Lounge, within a 1500 square foot section of Identity. "The concept was something I have always wanted to offer, but until recently the cosmetology and barber state boards didn’t allow a shared space and they had strict guidelines to even be closely associated. Now that those regulations have changed, we can all work together and this made our vision much easier to obtain," explained Burcham.

   Burcham elaborated as to how he designed his men's salon, " While traveling, I’ve always enjoyed seeing these extravagant barber shops and men’s salons that focused primarily on clipper cutting design and the art of shaving. Traditionally, most males would go in for a quick cut at the corner barber shops, in all cities or towns. I liked the idea of taking the nostalgia of the old school shops and adding a few more pampering services of today; but in a larger setting, to keep the guest visits a bit longer.” You heard that right, Burcham wants you to get cozy while you’re there. Stay awhile! 

   Burcham continued to share his ideas for his salon, "By adding a lounge feel, we can encourage men and women to come, enjoy a game of pool or darts, socialize, watch a ball game and even have an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage before, during, or after their services. Since the salon and spa is also connected to Groomed, we are able to offer and encourage the barber guests to partake in services such as massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, and even Botox or fillers, all in a space that they may feel more comfortable in. We hope to have our full-service bar open within the month for guests of not only Groomed, but also guests of Identity Salon & Spa." His salon will be a full-service salon. You can get your hair done, beard groomed and enjoy a facial, all while having your favorite beverage in hand.

   Since nobody in the area offers a salon experience quite like this, it seems this is an experience that should be added to your to-do list. "We feel like it all just works; to have this huge variety of services and experiences all in one location, but slightly separated to give you the feel of different environments for different services," said Burcham.  

   In this space, you can even do a little shopping. Grab a gift for your significant other, friend or family. Burcham explained, “We also have a boutique within the area that we share with Holly B’s, this shared space houses not only household and novelty items for women, but also can be enjoyed by guys. We have also added several grooming lines for men to take care of their facial hair, along with skin care specifically for a man’s face and hands."

   The recent opening was successful. "We opened our doors Tuesday, June 7, with two talented barbers that are very excited for this new venture. We had a great first week open and were very happy with the turn out, as the business grows, we will definitely be adding more barbers of their same caliber, to help them with the volume. Anna Markel and Maverick Lewis have made a great addition to the Identity/Groomed family, we are lucky to have them."

   So, I'm asking, when is the last time you felt truly pampered, fellas? If you don’t remember, then head on down to Groomed at 121 16th Street in Ashland and treat yourself. Call ahead to make sure there won’t be a long wait time. Then once you get there, grab yourself a seat and stay awhile. 

   Please check out Groomed at and like them on Facebook. If you would like to book an appointment you can call 606.325.2213. Walk-ins are welcome, and Groomed is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.