The Christmas Experience Live December 11

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The Christmas Experience Live December 11

Pamela Hall

The Ashland Beacon

For many years, one of the things Unity Baptist Church in Ashland has been known for is the excellent Christmas program the church has each year. Residents of the Tri-State came for 35 years to see The Living Christmas Tree program, which included drama and music performances from Unity’s choir and church members. Each year, there was something new for everyone to enjoy and attendance became somewhat of a Christmas tradition for many families.



As with most things in our lives, that all changed with the pandemic. Since indoor assemblies were nearly non-existent, the church was faced with the decision of either doing nothing or having an outdoor program. They decided to move the program outdoors and have a “mini” Living Christmas Tree. They held performances in the parking lot of the Ashland Town Center Mall and in an empty lot beside the church on the corner of 29th Street and Blackburn Avenue.

Although attendance has always been excellent for the program with hardly an empty seat, more people than ever came to the outdoor performances to hear the message presented by the church.

Thearon Landrum, Worship Arts, Media and Communications Pastor at Unity stated, “We realized that the program had become entertainment and while we want it to be enjoyable, we want it to be an  evangelistic outreach in order to reach the unchurched population. Having the program outdoors made it more welcoming for those that don’t attend church regularly to hear the Gospel message.”

This year’s outdoor program, “The Christmas Experience” will be December 11 from 6-8 p.m. at the lot beside the church. It will be a little different than anything the church has had so far. There will still be a Tree of Lights with performances by the Unity Baptist Church choir, but there will also be various interactive booths that will explain the symbolism of our Christmas traditions and how they came to be.

One such booth, The Nativity Theatre, will have drama skits, including a St. Nicholas Encounter. There will also be a Christmas petting zoo, a booth where participants can make an ornament, a Taste of Christmas booth with cookies and treats, and much, much more.

“It’s designed to be a family experience,” said Landrum. “It’s also helping us fulfill the Great Commission, to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to reach the unchurched and build relationships. This opens the door for us to do that.”

Don’t miss “The Christmas Experience” at Unity Baptist Church in Ashland, 2320 29th Street. Bring the family on December 11 from 6 – 8 p.m. It will be an experience that you won’t soon forget and promises to enhance your thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas.

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