Dining for History Community Comes Together in Support of Black History Month

Dining for History

Community Comes Together

in Support of Black History Month

Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon


At its core, Black history is a testament to the resilience and triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Black history set the narrative of courage, determination, and unwavering faith in the possibility of a better tomorrow. Black History month is worthy of celebration by everyone near and far, regarless of ones skin color. Black history is worthy of celebration, admiration, and preservation.


Beyond its significance to the Black community, what many fail to realize is that Black history holds not only profound lessons and insights for all of humanity to benefit from, but it also serves as a mirror through which we can reflect on the complexities of our shared past, confronting the injustices and inequalities that continue to shape our present reality. By understanding and acknowledging the struggles and contributions of Black individuals and communities, we gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and richness of the human experience.

In a stirring celebration of culture, heritage, and community, C.B. Nuckolls Community Center and Black History Museum held a very successful fundraising dinner that not only brought a community together to celebrate and honor those who played such a vital role in helping in all of our history but also helped to bring everyone a little closer together with a newfound sense of appreciation and pride for the richness of Ashland’s Black history. The Highlands Museum and Discovery Center played host to this event that took place on Saturday night in honor of Black History Month and served as a reminder of the importance of preserving and commemorating the rich tapestry of African American history.

The fundraiser dinner, meticulously curated to reflect the spirit and richness of Black History Month, proved to be a resounding success, attracting attendees from all walks of life. Bernice P. Henry and Darrell L. Smith, Founders and Owners of the C.B. Nuckolls Community Center and Black History Museum, stood before the crowd and shared, “We’re overwhelmed by the support that everyone in the community has given us with this event and the turnout is completing overwhelming.  A big thank you to everyone who made donations to the silent auction.” 

This event not only served as a vital source of funding for the museum's ongoing initiatives to explore, preserve, and educate people about the rich Black history within our area but also provided an ample opportunity to celebrate and honor the contributions of African Americans that played such a crucial role in helping to shape our history as we know it.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner, featuring a delectable array of dishes provided by Sal’s Italian Eatery and Speakeasy.  Bombshells & Ales provided a cash bar throughout the night and music from DJ Soundsgood, AKA- Demetrius Le’mont, kept the guests grooving to the beats.  Throughout the evening, attendees had the opportunity to partake in a silent auction, which offered a wide array of artwork and other gifts generously donated by individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the community. Local artist Jerry Johnson who is owner of the Heritage Art Gallery, which is Ashland’s first and only Black-owned art gallery, had several pieces of inspiring and thought-provoking works of art on display.

As we celebrate Black History Month and reflect on the significance of this rich legacy, let us remember that the story of Black history is not just a chapter in a book—it is a living, breathing testament to the resilience, courage, and humanity of us all. In embracing Black history as everyone's history, we take a crucial step towards building a more just, equitable, and inclusive world for future generations.

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