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Aces In the Kitchen Sandy’s Racing and Gaming Deals a Winning Hand with Their Texas Hold’Yum Burger

Aces In the Kitchen

Sandy’s Racing and Gaming Deals a Winning Hand with Their Texas Hold’Yum Burger

Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon

Sandy’s Racing and Gaming recently celebrated a savory victory with their Texas Hold’Yum burger, which was crowned as the Most Creative Burger of the Year during Ashland’s Annual Burger Week. This four-ounce delight is served on a toasted bun and features a mouthwatering combination of shaved prime rib, shredded cheddar cheese, crispy deep-fried onion straws, spicy jalapenos, crispy bacon, and a tantalizing bourbon barbecue sauce drizzle. This tantalizing combination leaves you wanting more with each bite you take.

Burger Week, now in its third year, has become a highly anticipated event for both locals and food enthusiasts, transforming the culinary landscape of Ashland. Brandy Clark, Executive Director of Tourism or Visit AKY, and one of the event organizers, explained, “We launched Burger Week to spotlight our local restaurants and draw more diners to their doors. Each year, the excitement grows as patrons and establishments alike engage more deeply.”

Year after year as the event grows in popularity, more local businesses signed up to participate. Burger Week is an all-out battle between local restaurants as they serve up their unique burger to emerge the victor and claim the grand prize and bragging rights for having the “Most Creative Burger of the Year.” What makes this event so popular is that the Most Creative Burger of the Year is chosen by popular vote of the people. This year, Fat Patty’s Double Beer Cheese Smashburger took home the 2024 Bill Culberstson Award for Best Smash Burger. Sandy’s Racing and Gaming triumphed with their innovative creation— The Texas Hold’Yum Burger, which earned them the coveted award of Most Creative Burger of the Year.

Christina George, Food and Beverage Director of Sandy’s Racing and Gaming, attributed their success to the quality of their ingredients George proudly stated, “Our Texas Hold Yum burger uses locally sourced, locally raised meat, ensuring it delivers the finest flavor. It’s what truly sets us apart.”

Behind the scenes, Line Leader, Jeremy Paitsel, the mastermind behind the award-winning burger, shared his journey, “I’ve been here since day one, and creating culinary magic is my passion. Working alongside our talented team, we came up with and crafted a burger that captured the hearts and taste buds of our community, and that is something I am really proud of.”

Corey Davies, Kitchen Manager at Sandys Racing and Gaming, echoed the sentiment of teamwork and camaraderie, “Being part of this team is incredibly rewarding. Every day is a joy thanks to the creativity and dedication we all bring. We are truly like a family here at Sandy’s Racing and Gaming.”

For George, the victory goes beyond recognition; it’s a testament to their team’s dedication and collaboration. “Winning this award means the world to us, especially with us still being in our first year of operation. Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. Their ideas and hard work brought us the Texas Hold Yum Burger and so many other beloved dishes on our menu.”

Paitsel added with a smile, “Creating this burger wasn’t just a job; it was a labor of love, and it’s one that our entire team contributed to. Winning this award feels amazing.”

As Sandy’s Racing and Gaming bask in their success, George concluded with pride, “Here at Sandy’s Racing and Gaming, everyone’s voice matters. It’s more than a workplace; it’s a community of passionate individuals whose dedication shines through in every dish we serve because they helped play an important role in the creation of these dishes. From conception to creation- this is a team win.”

With the Texas Hold Yum burger reigning supreme, Sandy’s Racing and Gaming continues to raise the bar in Ashland’s culinary scene, proving that creativity, teamwork, and a dash of local flavor can create something extraordinary.

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