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Armstrong Studio All-StarsFrom State Champions to Nationals Contenders

Armstrong Studio All-Stars

From State Champions to Nationals Contenders

Sasha Bush

Ashland Beacon


Excitement is buzzing among the Armstrong Studio All-Stars tumbling team as they gear up for their upcoming trip to Nationals. The All-Stars are members of the Armstrong Studio, which is located at 5405 Roberts Drive in Ashland. Nationals is the pinnacle event in the competitive tumbling world and the ultimate end goal for any young tumbler. In an exclusive interview with the team’s booster club overseer, Brittany Lewis, we gained insight into the dedication, hard work, and outstanding achievements of this talented tumbling team.

The Armstrong Studio All-Stars is led by coaches Penny Armstrong, Bobbie White, and Amy Morris, and caters to a wide range of team members, spanning from ages four to 14. The group has been diligently preparing to take center stage at Nationals with the support of the booster club, which is comprised of passionate parents like Lewis whose daughter is a team member.

This year, Nationals is set to take place in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Norton Sports Center on June 17-22. This is a weeklong event that will see athletes from across the nation compete in three different events: Floor, Double Mini, and Trampoline. For a team to qualify for Nationals, each team must first excel at the state level. This rigorous journey involves participating in multiple competitions throughout the regular season and securing a top 10 position in each event at the state level.

With a feat that isn’t all that common, all 14 members (13 girls and one boy) of the Armstrong Studio All- Stars have qualified in all three events for Nationals, showcasing their exceptional skill and determination. The following members took home a state championship title: Lacey Simpson- Trampoline, Emma Bobo- Trampoline, Cade Morris- Trampoline, Floor, and Double Mini, Lynnleigh Lewis- floor, and Emma Heck- double mini.

           In addition to all 14 members qualifying for Nationals, four of the team’s athletes, Lynnleigh Lewis, Amelia Wells, Cade Morris & Melody Moore, have also been selected for the prestigious Kentucky State All-Star Team. Lewis shared, “In order for them to qualify, that means they were in the top two athletes in the entire season at their level.”

 The work ethic of this team is nothing short of inspiring. Lewis described it as, “dedicated and encouraging. Tumble is an individual sport for competition but our team practices together. Each child puts in long hours and the only person to beat is themselves. They rally together and encourage each other to be their best self and help them with new skills and mental blocks.”

As the All-Stars gear up for Nationals, their work ethic shines through. Despite the individual nature of tumbling as a sport, the team practices together, fostering a culture of dedication and mutual support. According to Lewis, the girls, along with their sole male member, Cade, exhibit a remarkable level of dedication and encouragement toward one another, pushing each other to strive for excellence and overcome challenges.

The booster club plays a crucial role in supporting the team, overseeing fundraising activities and ensuring that all necessary fees are covered. Parents actively participate in fundraising efforts, recognizing the financial burden associated with competitive tumbling. Those interested in supporting the All-Stars can contribute financially to help cover expenses such as uniforms, entry fees, and travel costs.

Leading up to Nationals, the All-Stars have intensified their training regimen and have been dedicating up to four nights a week to practice alone. Coach Amy Morris shared that she is so proud of how far they have come. They have all put in so much work all season, but they have really taken it up a notch in preparation for Nationals. This commitment reflects their unwavering determination to excel on the national stage and make their family, friends, and fellow teammates proud.

Tumbling has so many benefits to offer these young athletes. Among those benefits are the development of confidence, discipline, and the understanding of the rewards of hard work. Through tumbling, these young athletes not only hone their physical skills but also cultivate essential life lessons that will serve them well beyond the competition floor.

As the Armstrong Studio All-Stars embark on their journey to Nationals, they have an entire community rallying behind them, eager to witness their talent and dedication unfold on the national stage. With their relentless spirit and unwavering support system, these young athletes are poised to make their mark at the highest level of competitive tumbling.


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