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Fighting for a Brighter Future One Punch at a Time Raceland Boxing Academy Opens Its Doors

Updated: Jun 24

Fighting for a Brighter Future One Punch at a Time

Raceland Boxing Academy Opens Its Doors

By: Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon


Last Monday marked a momentous occasion for Raceland residents as the Raceland Boxing Academy officially opened its doors at 434 ½ Greenup Road. Proudly certified by USA Boxing, this academy isn't just about lacing up gloves and throwing punches— it’s about giving the youth of Raceland and surrounding areas a place that they can always count on to be there for them and serve as an outlet for them to just unwind while learning a new skill set.

The Raceland Boxing Academy was founded by six sets of parents committed to revitalizing boxing in Greenup County; Raceland Boxing Academy goes beyond the sport itself. "We used to be affiliated with a different boxing gym and wanted to bring it to the Greenup County area where many of our kids go to school," shared Amanda Wells, one of the founding parents.

Paramount to the academy's mission is its dedication to providing free services to all interested children, supported by parent contributions and community donations. "We are just here for the kids and want to be able to do this for as long as we can," expressed Wells gratefully.

Boxing is a physically demanding activity that helps to develop hand-eye coordination and coordination. It can be adapted for beginners of all levels from the tiniest tot to professional boxers. Not only does boxing provide an intense workout, but it also teaches kids how to handle stress well and develop discipline skills. It’s a great way for children to learn self-reliance and build resilience against challenges in life.

Keeping kids physically active is more difficult and more important than ever. Youth boxing training is one of the most engaging, enjoyable activities that will ignite your kid’s love of exercise. Youth boxing classes offer an unbeatable workout while teaching kids about discipline, persistence, and hard work, all without ever being boring. It’s an intense workout that’ll challenge them both mentally and physically. Plus, boxing is great for developing strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills, and more. Boxing is a fantastic way for kids to grow and learn and can help build character.

One young boxer, Haylee Lemaster, a junior homeschooler who has been boxing for six months, highlighted the sport's appeal: "It's really competitive and really fun. For me, it's an outlet to let out all your frustrations in a healthy way. It’s something that I really enjoy, and I love how it just brings everyone together.”

Another young boxer, Mason Maynard, age 10, shared, “I really like boxing because it gives me something to do and goals to meet. I was really excited to try boxing out after I watched the movie CREED.” 

Cayson Clark, a 10-year-old boxer who has had a love of boxing for the last five years, recently had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina to compete in a boxing match and shared what his experience was like, “I’ve been boxing for about five years, and I was still a little nervous stepping into the ring. But once I was there, I was like ‘ok let’s do this,’ and then before I knew it three rounds had passed, and I realized I had won. It was really cool.”

Raceland Boxing Academy’s hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30. They are USA Boxing Certified and offer structured training sessions led by certified volunteer coaches, with extensive backgrounds in the sport of boxing. The Raceland Boxing Academy has plans to branch out beyond boxing and hopes to soon offer tutoring, life skills classes, and safety workshops in collaboration with local police departments.

Instructor Dave Evans, a former Tri-state Golden Gloves winner, spoke passionately about the impact of boxing: "Boxing has been a staple in my life since I was very young. Having a gym to go to every day really helped keep me out of trouble. That’s what we want to do—be here for the kids and be able to provide them with something that will keep them out of trouble.”

Evans continued, “I’ve always felt like every small town should have a boxing gym. It may sound dramatic, but boxing gyms probably saved my life and at least kept me out of more trouble than I found. Proud to have teamed up with a few friends and family to establish a place where kids can come to learn the sweet science. The only condition I insisted on was that boxing be offered for free to any kid that wants to learn it. When these doors open, they will be open to all. Our building still needs some work, but progress is being made daily. I’m hoping we can start with some light workouts within the next couple weeks. That being said, we could still use some help with the expenses involved with resurrecting an old pizza shop and turning it into a functioning boxing gym. We are determined to make this happen and as a nonprofit organization we are happy to show everyone exactly where their donations are going.”

The Raceland Boxing Academy not only teaches boxing skills but also instills values that help positively shape young lives. Through dedication, volunteerism, and community support, this academy promises to make a lasting impact in Greenup County, providing children with a healthy outlet and a path to personal growth.

For those interested in supporting or joining Raceland Boxing Academy, contact them via their Facebook Page "Raceland Boxing Academy," email at, or call/text 606.571.6065.



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