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First Stop Colorado, Next Stop Pharmacy School: Owen Marcum

Updated: Jun 11

First Stop Colorado, Next Stop

Pharmacy School: Owen Marcum

Gwen Akers

The Ashland Beacon


When Owen Marcum got on a flight to Colorado to visit his aunt and uncle, he did not know that he was going to take the first step into finding his future. Marcum is part of the Holy Family graduating class of 2024 and has been seeking to explore and find his future in everything he can. High school is all about opportunity, about taking chances and exploring different things in order to find what really inspires you. That is exactly what Marcum has done. Marcum is taking his first steps into his feature career and into becoming the role-model he has always hoped to be.

  Marcum has always been inspired by the power of community and working as a team. At the beginning of his high school career, Marcum was an avid athlete in tennis, soccer, golf and basketball. After an injury left him unable to play, however, he did not let this stop him in his quest to work as a team with those around him to raise up his school and his family–helping with bake sales, fundraisers and more. Whatever job needed to be done, Marcum could be depended on to complete it.

Submitted by Owen Marcum. 

Owen Marcum and his graduating class.

Then, after visiting his aunt and uncle and Colorado, Marcum knew he had found where he wanted to channel his skills–into pharmacy school. Inspired by the flexibility of the career, Marcum plans to study pharmacy tech at Morehead State University in the fall.

  “I went to Colorado recently. I stayed with them [his aunt and uncle]  for a little bit, and they really opened my eyes to the entrance to pharmacy and different paths you can take,” detailed Marcum.

  Mark Worthington, who has been teaching at Holy Family for 35 years, has worked closely with Marcum over the years and has enjoyed getting to know him and help him in his journey. Worthington expressed his advice for Marcum to keep chasing after his goals and to keep his end goal in mind–as this is what will make all of his hard work worth it.

  “It’s the way he was raised. He always helps everybody at the school. I mean, we'll have a Halloween party or something, and I'll see him at the end of the day, and he's bagging up everyone’s trash and taking it out without anybody asking him to do it.”

  After being inspired by his parents who always worked hard to support him and give him a good life, Marcum knew he wanted to make them proud in everything he did. Originally from Lawrenceburg, Ky, Marcum has lived in Ashland for over 13 years and hopes to keep serving it well.

  “It's very, very hard to take care of us, and I admire him a lot,” expressed Marcum about his father.

  Moving forward, Marcum plans to attend Morehead State University in the fall and to keep searching and fighting for his goals–making both his family and community proud along the way.



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