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Gibbs Hardware Where Customer Service Comes First

Gibbs Hardware

Where Customer Service Comes First

By: Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon


Nestled in the heart of Ashland Kentucky, a town blossoming with history and charm, stands Gibbs Hardware, a venerable establishment that has been an integral part of the community since 1945. Gibbs Hardware is located at 1000 13th Street, Ashland Kentucky, 41101. Unlike the big-box retailers that have come and gone, Gibbs Hardware remains a steadfast symbol of tradition, personalized service, and community spirit.

Stepping into Gibbs Hardware is like stepping back in time, where a warm greeting and a friendly conversation are as much a part of the shopping experience as finding the right tool for the job. Customers often linger by the counter, not just to make a purchase, but to swap stories and catch up on local news with the Gibbs family.

What sets Gibbs Hardware apart isn't just its extensive selection of tools and hardware essentials, but the genuine presence of its owners, C.C. and Julie Gibbs, who can be seen working tirelessly alongside their staff any day of the week. In an era where faceless corporations dominate the retail landscape, the sight of owners engaging with customers and sharing their wealth of knowledge is increasingly rare and deeply appreciated.

  For the Gibbs family, being owners and operators of a business is about far more than just selling goods … it’s about building relationships with the community. “When you walk in you are greeted and you are waited on until you walk out.” shared Mr. Gibbs.

One of the store's most recent additions is the “Wall of Pop,” which is a testament to both nostalgia and innovation. This colorful display boasts an impressive array of soda flavors, many of which are hard to find anywhere else. From classic root beer and cream soda to exotic flavors like black cherry cream and blueberry breeze, the Wall of Pop is a hit among locals and visitors alike. Mrs. Gibbs shared that one of the stores bestsellers are their different flavors of lemonade.

Beyond the eclectic soda selection, Gibbs Hardware continues to evolve while staying true to its roots. The store not only stocks traditional hardware items but also embraces new trends in home improvement and DIY projects, ensuring it remains relevant in today's market without sacrificing its long-standing principles of quality and customer care.

For many residents, Gibbs Hardware isn't just a place to shop — it's a cornerstone of the community, where relationships are nurtured, and memories are made. Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a weekend DIY enthusiast, stepping through the doors of Gibbs Hardware means stepping into a world where service is personal, and community pride is palpable.

The owners of Gibbs Hardware also have another store in Grayson Kentucky, located at 670 KY-7, Grayson KY, 41143. Recently they have added a drive thru lumber service shed. This is something that residents of Grayson Kentucky will greatly benefit from and goes to show you that the Gibbs family understands the wants and needs of their customers. Head on out to Gibbs Hardware and check out all the unique items that this cherished hometown store offers. With their upcoming Fourth of July sale, you are bound to find the something to finish all those last-minute projects.

As other businesses come and go, Gibbs Hardware stands tall as a testament to what can be achieved through dedication, integrity, and a genuine love for the community. With the Gibbs family at the helm, this hometown institution looks set to continue its legacy for generations to come, reminding us all of the enduring value of local businesses that truly care.

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