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Greenup County Graduate Kaylee Swim Has A Lot to Cheer About

Updated: Jun 11

Greenup County Graduate Kaylee Swimm

Has A Lot to Cheer About

By: Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon

Greenup County High School has always been well known for its cheer program. For one young cheerleader it was more than just a program… it was a way of life and a family that shewill carry with her for the rest of her life. Kaylee Elizabeth Swimm, a recent 2024 graduate of Greenup County High School, has her name etched in the halls of the school's history and has a lot to cheer about as she reflects on what she described as an enriching high school journey.

Born July 11, 2006, Swimm has been a vibrant presence at Greenup County High Schoolsince her transfer in the middle of seventh grade—a transition she fondly recalls as one of hermost cherished memories. During her time at Greenup, Swimm has had the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of cheer and in academics. Being a member of the NationalHonor Society and the Beta Club Swimm has earned the respect of her fellow classmates and teammates alike.

Being a standout in the realm of cheerleading, Swimm's passion for the sport was ignited at just five years old. For five consecutive years, she graced the sidelines as part of the Greenup Varsity Cheerleading squad, where she not only perfected her stunts and tumbles but also forged enduring bonds with her teammates. Reflecting on her cheerleading journey, Swimm emphasized the profound impact her coaches had on her development, instilling in herthe values of dedication, leadership and perseverance, “I have had the best coaches that were dedicated and loved Greenup Cheer! They set high expectations for me in the gym, classroomand in the community. My coaches always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. They always pushed and supported me in achieving all my goals and dreams!”

Under their guidance, Swimm and her team achieved remarkable success, clinching titles at prestigious competitions. Swimm shared, “In the five years that I cheered, we competed at Nationals. We got eighth, second, third, second, and my Senior year we were National Champions. We also won State Championship, nine Regional Titles, three World Championships, and In Game Championship! Competing at that level taught me dedication and to believe in my teammates, be a leader, to work hard and not to give up and to always keep pushing to become a champion!”

For Swimm, cheerleading has been more than just a sport—it has been a transformative journey that has shaped her into the well-rounded young woman she is today. Swimm admitted, “Being a part of the Greenup Cheerleading legacy was amazing with all the love and support of the school system and community! All these things have shaped me into the ladythat I am today, and I will take these qualities with me throughout life!” The lessons learned on the mat—dedication, teamwork, and resilience have permeated every aspect of her life, preparing her for the challenges that lie ahead.

As Swimm prepares to embark on the next chapter of her academic journey, she has hersights set on Morehead State University, where she has earned herself a spot on the All-Girl cheer team. Swimm will be pursuing a major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. When asked to describe her high school experience in just three words her response was, “Enriching, valuable and inclusive!” Showing such maturity reflects the depth of her growth and the richness of her experiences over the years.

Without a doubt, Swimm's journey would not have been possible without the unwavering support of her family, particularly her mother, who beams with pride at her daughter's humility, kindness and unwavering determination. “Her love and passion for cheerleading is so inspiring! She has always had so much motivation and drive to achieve her goals no matter the obstacles that she faces,” noted her mother, Kristi Swimm. Her daughter’s dedication to herpassions coupled with her genuine spirit of kindness and support for others serves as a sourceof inspiration to all who know her. A close friend stated, “To know Kaylee is to know what true happiness looks like. She’s always smiling, always inspiring others and always gives everything 110 percent.

As she bids farewell to her cheering days at Greenup County High School, Swimm finds herself eagerly anticipating a new journey that will undoubtably bring with it even more great things worth cheering about.



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