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Rose Hill Athlete Set To Become A Civil Engineer

Rose Hill Athlete Set To Become A Civil Engineer


Lisa Patrick

Ashland Beacon



  Rose Hill Senior, Collin Wilburn, has big plans for his future and has laid his path to get there. From academics to athletics, hanging with friends in a small school to making new friends in a large university, working with his friend in a landscaping business to helping his dad lay pipeline this summer, he plans to “work hard in everything I do” until he gets where he wants to be.

        Wilburn transferred to Rose Hill from Boyd County while still in elementary school. He states that it has been a good experience and he has enjoyed what turned out to be a better environment for him. He has “met some of my best friends there” because “everyone is easy to get along with and I feel like I can be myself more and it be OK.”

         During high school, Wilburn was the small forward for the basketball team and part of the track team. He tried baseball first but “it just wasn’t for me” so he joined the track team as a runner. He ran the “sprints”-the 100 meter and 200 meter dash. Basketball brought him one of his favorite high school memories. His team went to Mt Vernon for a tournament run by the National Christian School Athletic Association and they “won the whole thing in the smaller division.”

        In his free time, he likes hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend. He also helps out one of his friends with some side jobs in landscaping. He also likes to play ball at the YMCA and, also, go to the gym and lift weights because it relaxes him. As he transitions to college this fall, Wilburn is going to “miss scheduling time to get to see my friends and I won’t get to see them as much as I do right now.”

        Wilburn will start college at Marshall University this fall where he is going to pursue a career in civil engineering. When asked why he chose this particular field, Wilburn stated “I’ve always enjoyed designing and construction things, even if it was just little backyard projects, and I’d like to move on to something bigger and better.” He plans to spend this summer with his dad helping to lay pipeline. He hopes that “it will give me an advantage so I know what to expect when I go into engineering school.”

        With a merit scholarship based on his grades and his ACT scores to help him in his quest for an engineering degree, Wilburn is sure that he is going to succeed because he plans to “work hard” and, in doing so, he hopes that “someone will see it and decide that they want to be like that too.” He also doesn’t “like to cut anybody short” so he does “the best I can at every opportunity.”

        Wilburn feels that he has been “really lucky to be in the situations that I’m in.” He thinks that “I was put in the right spot” to succeed and “I don’t have any regrets.”

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