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Rose Hill's Valedictorian Trusts the Path Set Before Her

Updated: Jun 11

Rose Hill’s Valedictorian Trusts

the Path Set Before Her

By: Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon


Graduation season has arrived, and like many institutions, Rose Hill Christian School recently honored its graduating class of 2024. Each member of this class brought unique reasons for celebration, filling the school, families, friends, and community with pride. Among them, Isabel Caid Hensley stands out as a shining example of the Rose Hill Royal spirit. Hensley embodies dedication, excellence, and compassion which are qualities that Rose Hill strives to instill in its students. Moreover, she is an integral part of the community, setting a standard worth emulating.

Heather Barber Hensley, who is Isabel’s mother, shared, “When it comes to Isabel's work ethic, it's truly something special. She pours her heart into everything she does, tackling each task with determination and commitment. I couldn't be prouder of her.”

Hensley's journey through academics is truly remarkable. Not only did she achieve the distinction of being named Valedictorian of her class, but she also attained an impressive score of 33 on her ACT, participated in the Kentucky Governor’s Scholar Program, received the Yarmuth Book Award in 2023, was honored as a Senior Salute, and earned both the President’s Volunteer Silver Level and Gold Level Service awards.

Throughout high school, Hensley demonstrated her skills in leadership as the editor-in-chief of the yearbook and journalism class as well as serving as Class President among other roles. She learned early on just what it takes to be a successful leader. Hensley stated, “Being class president was the most challenging role I had in high school. As class president, I am responsible for organizing fundraisers, hosting school dances, and planning our senior trip. When I was first elected, I quickly learned the best leaders are often the best listeners. By listening to my classmates, everyone felt their voice was heard, and we created solutions to problems that would have been impossible to accomplish alone. Being class president has taught me the importance of collaboration.”

Beyond the classroom, Hensley's dedication to community service shined. She spent countless hours volunteering at the King's Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) Newborn Intensive Care Unit, offering comfort and support to the most vulnerable patients and their families. Hensley commented, “My favorite activity was volunteering in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Volunteering has allowed me to give back to my community and solidified my plans to study biomedical sciences with the intention to pursue a career in pediatric medicine.”  Additionally, Hensley has devoted time to other various volunteer opportunities within her school such as assisting with athletics events and supporting classmates.

Hensley's talents extend far beyond academics and volunteering; she has also excelled in athletics and leadership roles. Both on the tennis and volleyball courts, her skill, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship have earned her respect from peers and competitors alike. She shared that her fondest memory of athletics has been her mother being part of it. Hensley explained, “She stepped up as Rose Hill’s volleyball coach when we were in need. She took time from her job and the rest of my family to ensure my team and I had two amazing seasons.”

Hensley’s ambition and drive promise a bright future. Hensley shared, “I plan to major in Biomedical Sciences and minor in Spanish. I chose this career because I enjoy learning and medicine fascinates me. I also have a love and skill of working with children.”

Hensley credits her time at Rose Hill for preparing her to choose a college major. Hensley continued, “Volunteering and shadowing have given me an insight into this profession and have solidified my plans to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences. Studying Spanish allows me to connect with all types of people. Learning a new language is a skill that requires you to learn to think in different ways and be adaptable.”

Throughout her journey, Hensley's faith has been a guiding force in all aspects of her life. “When facing struggles in life, I often lean on my faith in Jesus Christ for strength and guidance,” she acknowledged. Her favorite Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6 which states, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding,” reflects Hensley’s reliance on faith. Hensley declared, “This is my favorite verse because it reminds me to consider God’s plan in all stages of my life, and He will guide my path.”

Hensley’s future plans include returning to the area. Hensley shared, “I love my community, and I want to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired to continue providing excellent health care in our area. Having a background in Spanish would allow me to provide personalized care to patients who may struggle with a language barrier.

In every aspect, Isabel Hensley is not merely a graduate but a beacon of inspiration for Rose Hill and beyond. As she steps into the future, her limitless potential promises continued brilliance and impact on the world.


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